Prove your competency, on any site, at any time, for any employer.


A ConstructSafe card is your license to operate safely on site.


It proves that you are as competent as the next person when it comes to safety and it shows your employers that you know what good safety is about.


ConstructSafe isn't training, it's the industry helping you prove that you know how to work safely on site.



What is the ConstructSafe test?


ConstructSafe is the national standard for health and safety competency, for you, its proof that you understand and are competent when it comes to health and safety.


There are different levels of ConstructSafe tests, depending on your trade, or role on site.


The test is online, and is designed to test what you know, not how good you are with a computer.



Which test is right for me?


ConstructSafe has 4 tiers of testing;


Tier 1 is basic site safety, which everyone working in construction should understand.


Tier 2 is aimed at specific trade and occupation knowledge. This level is developed to test the specific risks associated with a particular trade. A candidate may go through more than one of these tests if they have multiple trade and occupation skills.


Tier 3 is for supervisors, those who have a direct responsibility over others working on site.


Tier 4 is for those with management level responsibility in construction.



Why would I take the ConstructSafe test?


ConstructSafe is recognised as the industry standard by major employers across New Zealand.

A lot of employers will ask you to show how competent you are and will train you to get better in a number of areas.

Health and safety is important to employers, and by having a nationally recognised standard, you can prove to them that you are on board. Think of ConstructSafe like a driving license, we create some risks in construction, and we want to make sure that our people know how to keep themselves, and others  safe.



How do I take the test?


ConstructSafe tests are conducted nationwide, with more testing centres being accredited all the time.


All you need to do is book a test at a testing centre, and arrive on time.


When you pass your ConstructSafe test, you will be added to the national database, and will receive your ConstructSafe card.



What do I take with me to my test?


All that you need to sit the tier 1 test is a valid form of identification, thats either your driving license, your passport, or a NZ firearms license.


We would recommend that you have an understanding of the test criteria before you arrive, and you might want to book a training course from any provider to get you ready.


You can download the test criteria at the bottom of this page.



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