How does ConstructSafe benefit you?


We have no aligned way of recognising that workers entering our sites have the right level of competency to work safely.


By working together under the ConstructSafe banner, our industry is more effective, more efficient, and your business has an easy way to recognise construction competency to an independent industry standard.




Is ConstructSafe another training course?


In short, no. ConstructSafe is a test, that is set by industry bodies, to verify whether a worker has the agreed level of competency.


You can be assured that every worker has the same minimum competency in health and safety by using ConstructSafe as your measure.



How does it work?


Because ConstructSafe is a  benchmark, every worker must pass a test to prove their knowledge.


Workers take the online test at a ConstructSafe testing centre, and are given a card as proof of competency.


You can check every worker for free through the ConstructSafe site. Its instant verification of competency, at your fingertips.


As an employer, this presents a number of exciting benefits to your business.


Independently verify your in house training, reduce your overall training costs, and in some cases, test your own workers in house.




Can I become a testing centre?


ConstructSafe testing centres must provide a fair and transparent testing environment, and the equipment that a candidate needs to take the ConstructSafe test.


Each test centre must have at least one test supervisor who will conduct the testing and this can be either at your own premises, or at a clients premises that you intend to visit.


Test centres can either test only their own staff, or can become an open test centre, which will allow candidates to contact them to book a test.


The ConstructSafe testing centre procedures document in this site will give you more detail, and if you would like to become a testing centre, contact ConstructSafe using the form to the right.







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For industry, by industry


ConstructSafe is owned by the Construction Safety Council who are made up of the key clients, industry federations and have representation from ACC and Worksafe.


The aim of ConstructSafe is to increase our health and safety competency across our industry, not just tomorrow, but to keep continuously getting better at health and safety.


Independently verify good training


We recognise that you do some great training in house, and most likely send some of your people out to health and safety courses. ConstructSafe isnt here to duplicate that.


Because its a standard set by industry, your people passing ConstructSafe testing reflects how good your training is. It can also help you reduce the quantity of repetitive training that you might be going through.


Just like a driving license, ConstructSafe shows that the worker has competency, how they get there is up to them.




Risk based in approach


ConstructSafe tracks our industry level of knowledge, and evolves based on areas that we need to improve in.


As an employer, using ConstructSafe reassures you that your workers, your contractors and their contractors have the same competency.


As the ConstructSafe scheme improves our industry standards, you benefit by having more and more competent workers on your sites.


Embracing ConstructSafe isn't just the smart thing to do, its the responsible thing to do.


Whats the cost?


ConstructSafe is a user pays scheme, each worker tested pays for their test. As an employer, you might subsidise this, but there is no requirement to do so.


The test takes around 40 minutes, and is often much quicker.


Testing can take place on site, so you have minimal downtime for your workforce who haven't yet been tested.


ConstructSafe is designed to be cost effective as a solution and robust as a system.




Who is embracing ConstructSafe and why?


ConstructSafe is increasingly being adopted by leading clients including NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport. For them, it gives reassurance that all workers on their sites, no matter who employs them, have aligned competency for health and safety.


It’s a robust system, it’s been tested and process driven with applied methodology based on international good practice.


We’ve looked at international good practice, and we’ve taken the best parts of international systems from Australia, the UK and the USA.


It aligns expectations about capability, while allowing us to remain flexible in how we get there.

Adopt ConstructSafe and be part of the solution


How ConstructSafe evolves is based on how we as an industry evolve. The scheme is built on feedback and knowledgeable input from representatives of industry, companies just like yours.


By using ConstructSafe as the standard for your company, you are also helping to improve our industry.


We want you to help drive the evolution of health and safety in New Zealand, and by simply asking for workers to hold a ConstructSafe card, you are shaping our future.


Download the ConstructSafe scheme overview document



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